Be on the Lookout…Registration Opens Soon!

IMG_0008We know that you have a million things to do right now as school gets started, but while you’re setting the ground rules for this year’s class, learning all your new students’ names, and establishing relationships with their parents, keep an eye out for news about the launch of this year’s Missouri Early Learning Conference.

Registration will open in just a few days, and we will do what we can to let you know about it.  We will be sending out thousands of postcards next week, urging you to go to the website to register; we will be posting the registration details on Facebook and Twitter; and we’ll be sending out an e-mail blast with the information, as well.  Hopefully, we’ll reach you through one of those communication channels.  If not, you can still find all the details right here on the conference website.

So, whether you get a postcard or e-mail or see our Facebook post…or none of the above, we want you to know that we look forward to your registration and to seeing your shining face at the conference at Tan-Tar-A in November!

Willy Wood
Missouri Early Learning Conference Coordinator
Posted 8/16/17